THE Biblical Goal Setting System to help you understand and fulfill the good works God has given you to do.

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Hey fellow Christ follower!

Are you ready to bring your Spirit-filled self to each and every day?

Are you ready to step into the opportunities each day brings you? The opportunities to...

  • Practice choosing faith over fear each day
  • To walk with Christ more intimately and draw down on His provisions of grace
  • To share the hope of Christ with those who are weighed down by all the hardships of life
  • To put on kindness, confidence, and strength
  • To be financially, physically, and spiritually fit
  • To exemplify to the strength and joy you have in Christ to those around you
  • To advance the Kingdom of God in both personal and global ways!

Truth is, we can't afford NOT to know who we are in Christ, keep in step with the Spirit, stay on our faces, recognize the opportunities before us, and practice courage and resilience EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Because friend, there is more victory, more godliness, more impact, more promises to inherit, ground to claim, and legacy to leave NOW than ever before.

You truly were made to SHINE!

You just need a clear battle plan.

{ Keep reading because I've got your back! } >>>


  • You're tired of feeling chaotic and overwhelmed
  • You're ready to be DONE with over-eating, yelling at your kids, being stuck financially, or a thousand other things that are dragging you down...
  • You struggle with consistency in Bible study and prayer
  • You're tired of wasting too much time on social media,
  • You're OVER being affected by the negativity swirling around you or the darkness pressing in on you
  • You're ready to walk in the victory of Christ

YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Most of us have something we'd like to change in our lives… something that nags us... even keeps us up at night.

Yet we KNOW Christ came to give us an abundant life. There's victory in Him because He ALWAYS leads us in triumph.

And we've decided we're done settling.

steward your one precious life so you don'There's an army of women ready to claim the full measure of Christ in us.

It's time to join us and steward your one precious life so you don't fall short of the potential given you in Christ.

So let's talk about our battle plan.

HOW can we experience true transformation?

HOW can we walk in Christ's victory despite the darkness, keep in step with the Spirit, and see those dreams, goals, and changes become a reality?



Maybe you cringe at the words "goal-setting." You've tried all. the. things. You've done the...

  • pretty planners
  • time management and organizational courses
  • "brain-science" goal-setting techniques
  • "New Year, New You" books and programs
  • Summits, conferences and retreats

While these things can be exciting... who doesn't love all the planners! ... the truth is, fleshly techniques and worldly wisdom aren’t enough.

And they weren't intended to be.

We, as believers in Christ, have SO MUCH MORE at our disposal. We are uniquely positioned to access the POWER of God. 

💥💥💥 We can one-up everything else out there, because transformation is part of our birthright in Christ Jesus. 💥💥💥

And here's the cool thing-- God's power is dispensed to us daily via GRACES. Fasten your seat belt cause this is where it starts to get good.

Every day, "God is at work in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13


  • Try harder hamster wheel
  • Task-mastering
  • Sheer gut effort
  • Bribing yourself
  • Condemning self-talk
  • Giving up and Settling for small
  • Resorting to self-help and worldly wisdom


  • Enable you to show up each day and live truly transformed (ie stop yelling in anger at your kids, practice the self discipline you need to get healthy, share your faith with others, get your finances under control, etc) (Titus 2:11-14)
  • Empower you to fulfill good works, do hard things, and accomplish your life purposes (II Thess 1:11-12)
  • Strengthen you beyond your natural ability. Anybody else up for that?! (II Timothy 2:1)

In fact, God promises that His grace is always present, sufficient, abundant, and relevant (applicable) to your situation. No matter what. (II Cor 9:8)

Recognizing God's daily work of grace in your life is unparalleled because Grace is so much more than pardon, my friend. It is the POWER of God.  

And THAT is why I can not WAIT for you to discover the Grace Goals framework.

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"Before using this I had been using a self-help goal-setting method that was not God-centered. Now, I'm so thankful for this change in focus to partnering with the Holy Spirit in my goals. Each of these exercises was eye-opening for me. I love how Arabah has opened up key scriptures that show me how to grow without trying to be my own cheerleader. Beautifully done!"

- Sara, Grace Goals participant

So what exactly is Grace Goals?

Grace Goals is a totally unique goal-setting system that lays the spiritual foundation necessary for real transformation in your life. 

This 188-page resource walks you through the process of identifying how God is at work in you, then creating a practical plan for working it out.


  • Understand the good works God has given you to do (Ephesians 2:10)
  • Identify and cultivate the desires He Himself is birthing in your heart (Philippians 2:13)
  • Plan and take intentional action on those desires in faith (II Thessalonians 1:11-12)
  • Rely on the Spirit of God for empowerment (Ephesians 3:20)
  • See God glorified in and through your good deeds (Matthew 5:14-15)

If all this sounds good to you, Grace Goals is your jam! It's a biblical, step-by-step process for total life transformation.


1. A S S E S S . . .

Sometimes we need to take a step back and see where we're at in the grand scheme of things. Grace Goals begins with exercises, such as the Spiritual Formation Assessment, to identify where you may need to get unstuck. With our guided worksheets, you'll prayerfully review the 7 life circles, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and gracefully let go of all the chaos and crazy. You have permission to breathe again!

2. E N V I S I O N . . .

The world is so noisy, it's easy to lose sight of our inheritance and identity in Christ. If God's people perish for lack of vision, then our templates and worksheets will save your neck. 😉 Through a series of step-by-step tools, you'll discover God's purposes for your life while clarifying your own personal vision statement. These important declarations will give fresh wind to your sails and guide your entire year!  

I just purchased this & have worked through all the front material as well as the core workshops. Very insightful! It has helped me to see that I do actually have some goals. It was great to help me identify how things went and take a true inventory of the big picture. I am looking forward to live workshop and using Grace Goals throughout the coming months.

- Shelley

I'm already a goal setter, so I didn't think I really needed any help in this area... Just looking over these pages made me realize that this is just what I need as we enter a new year. AJ's studies give me tools to help me study God's word more deeply and help me see areas that I need to work on. I can't wait to get started!

- Tracey

3. P L A N . . .

This is where Grace Goals is truly one of a kind. The core workshops will show you how to lay a biblical foundation for choosing and setting goals and how to scripturally stay motivated for sticking with them. Learn how to look for God's daily graces in your life and allow them to empower you. Plus, you'll get an entire set of planning sheets such as weekly and monthly review sheets, calendars, habit trackers, and more!

4. I M P L E M E N T . . .

Let's face it, to experience true change, we need the Spirit of God working His enabling power in our lives. That's why with Grace Goals you'll learn how to activate God's strength in your life via His daily grace gifts. Each day you'll lace up and go to what I call "Grace School" with God. Relying on His power each day will not only draw you closer to God, it truly is life changing.

Made me look at life with new lenses. Really really good resource. It was worth every penny. I used this for my plan last year and will never look back. Thank you so much and be blessed!  

- Carole

I love to set goals and see them fulfilled, but I usually stop moving forward after about a month. My distractions get the best of me. The way this is set up, however, I can identify what motivates me to stay the course. The layout of the Grace Goals Workbook is thorough, clear, and attractive. I am thrilled to have this resource to help me move in the direction God is calling me. 

- Joy

If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether or not you should purchase Grace Goals, let me tell you, it’s worth it! Beautiful design with thoughtful content; it is a fantastic resource to access more of what you need and want in life.

- Kimberley, Grace Goals participant

Get Your Copy of Grace Goals 2024 →

How do I know what I'm talking about?

Hi, I'm AJ!

For the past 27 years, I've had the privilege of mentoring women in their walk with God as an overseas missionary, a church planter in the States, and online blogger at

In these roles, I've seen and experienced firsthand that Scripture is sufficient to equip us for every good work. Goal-setting included.

One such time for me personally was a few years ago when the Lord used a passage of Scripture to instruct, nurture, and strengthen me. I knew God had more for me in my roles as an adoptive mom and missionary. I wanted more power and victory in my life... I knew there was more for me in Christ... I just wasn't sure what to do. So I entered a season of taking it before the Lord in prayer.

His response was to show me in Scripture exactly HOW He works in us both to will and to carry out His good pleasure. What He showed me during that time rocked my world. He wanted me to work in conjunction with His spirit and was ready to show me how!

For the first time, I began to see in Scripture a process for how God fulfills some of those good works He ordained beforehand (Ephesians 2:10) in our lives.

God’s grace infuses our godly goals with power…
if we will but take the first faith step and set them!

Armed with truth from II Thessalonians 1:11-12 and other passages, I excitedly began setting goals WITH God and through trial and error, developed the Grace Goals framework for my own life. Since 2014, not only have I personally used Grace Goals to set goals and fulfill the good works God has given me to do, but I've watched thousands of men and women use Grace Goals to do things like:

  • establish morning quiet times 
  • spend more quality time with their kids
  • improve their health with exercise and better food choices  
  • start new businesses  
  • write the manuscript for their books
  •  and so much more!

Now you too can discover a biblical path for working in conjunction with the Spirit of God to accomplish God-sized feats in your life

But wait! Don't just take my word for it! Here's what others have experienced using Grace Goals...

What others are saying...

"As a church planter's wife and author, I've worked through Grace Goals several times on my own. However, a few years ago, I led a small group of women from our church through Grace Goals during our Bible study time. The fruit that came from that group study astounded me! I greatly appreciate the step-by-step approach Arabah Joy uses, but more importantly, I value the biblical foundation she begins with. Our group still talks about Grace Goals, and we still apply concepts we learned to our current challenges in spiritual growth!"

- Jen S, Church Planter's Wife and Author

"As I was entering a new year about four years ago, I was struggling with several areas in my life. I download Grace Goals because I needed to find a way to reach some big dreams I had. As I went through Grace Goals, I felt God pull me to pursue something else. Prayer kept coming up over and over again. So I used Grace Goals to pursue prayer more deeply. Through this program I was able to not only achieve my prayer goals, I was able to experience a peace I never had before. Grace Goals is more than a goal-setting program. It is a spiritual guide to help us change the things in our lives God would have us change. The best part is that it is all rooted in scripture! I use Grace Goals every year. All of my other goal setting plans fail, but Grace Goals always gives me results!"

- Sarah F, Missionary & Mom

"I am a new Christian. This is helping me out in so many ways. I am using it to clean out my e-mail and keep up with my Bible study. I am even on track with my walking on the treadmill every day. This is amazing. And thrilling!!! I am slowly working this whole process but with so much excitement and joy that I don’t want to miss anything GOD has planned for me!! God is so good. I am so blessed. Thank you AJ!"

- Launa L, Recent Believer in Christ

"In Grace Goals, Arabah Joy guides the participant to locate Scriptures targeting their goals. Using Grace Goals, I formed a plan for how to win over my temper, put it into practice, and began to conquer my battle with anger. Maybe your goal is to build your business, overcome fear, or follow a life-long dream. Grace Goals points to a vision, a plan, and provision to accomplish God’s will! Follow His lead – He’ll bless you far more than you could imagine!"

- Ruthie, Grandmom & Podcaster

"Do you want to know God's vision for your life or confirm that the vision you have is lined up with God's will? Grace Goals is the process I run every desire, dream, and project through. God uses it to give me a roadmap for prayer and planning to make my path clear and my goals attainable. If you want to accomplish more this year than you believe is possible, step out in faith and grab hold of Grace Goals."

- Maralee, Confidence coach and Biz owner



Grab Your Copy of Grace Goals 2024 →


Your Grace Goals 2024 printable Workbook includes:

  • Complete 188-Page Workbook
  • Year End Review Kit, 
  • Spiritual Growth Inventory, 
  • Spiritual Formation Assessment, 
  • SWOT analysis, 
  • Grace Goals Planning Sheets, 
  • Monthly Calendar Sheets, review sheets, and monthly plan sheets
  • ROI grid
  • How to Fail Forward Checklist
  • Habit Tracker Sheet
  • I AM Mad Libs
  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet
  • 5 Core Workshops with exercises and templates to guide you through biblical goal-setting
  • BONUS 24-Hour Retreat Guide (for planning your personal Grace Goals Getaway!)  
  • BONUS "How to Create a Spiritual Growth Plan" workshop with workbook
  • BONUS ADORNED Bible Study

In short, everything you need to set godly goals and stay on track!

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We get it, you're busy! That's why we created a convenient checklist you can use to work through all the goodies in Grace Goals. Use this checklist to go through the materials in suggested order; or better yet, schedule a getaway day and use the sample 24-Hour retreat schedule to go through the entire Grace Goals PDF during your retreat day!


This annual LIVE workshop will help you set your spiritual goals for the next 90 days. Together, we will work through parts of Grace Goals to identify where you need to focus and what you need to prioritize. You'll come away with an action plan customized for YOU.


Are you someone who wants to represent Christ well in your home and every where you go? In this Bible study, you'll learn how to adorn yourself with the gospel and show others the beauty of Christ in all that you do. Based on I Peter 3:1-6



Ready to set your first Grace Goal with me?!





  • Instant access to the complete Grace Goals 2024 Workbook (PDF)!
  • BONUS Quick-Start 24 Hour Retreat Guide


$115 $79!


  • Instant access to the complete Grace Goals 2024 Workbook (PDF)!
  • BONUS Quick-Start 24 Hour Retreat Guide
  • The How To Create A Spiritual Growth Plan LIVE WORKSHOP with AJ on December 8, 2023 (with replay)
  • The How to Create a Spiritual Growth Plan PDF workbook
  • Adorned: Cultivating a Beauty Precious to God Bible Study

Got Questions? We're here to help!

Who is Grace Goals for? How can I be sure Grace Goals is for me?

This is a great question! Grace Goals is a biblical plan for achieving real change. Grace Goals is for anyone who:  

  • Is seeking to grow spiritually or take new ground in their life  
  • Desires to "do better" (health, relational, financial, spiritual, etc
  • Is ready to start a new habit(s) or overcome habitual sin 
  • Needs more than self-help and a list of "expert" tips and brain science
  • Wants to base their strategy on the word of God and rely on His Spirit  

Grace Goals is for you if you need a fresh start and you desire to involve God in your planning.

I bought Grace Goals last year. Is this year different? And how can I get access to this year's NEW content?

Yay, I'm so glad you are a Grace Goals participant! We like keeping things fresh so each year we tweak Grace Goals to reflect our reader's needs and to share what's working for us! While the core workshops remain the same, we change the design, bonuses, and time-based content each year. We have many participants who purchase Grace Goals each year for the fresh content!

Is Grace Goals just another planner?

No, Grace Goals is not a planner but rather a biblical goal setting system and goal tracker. It's truly one of a kind! It can be used in conjunction with your favorite planner. However, we do include a variety of calendars and planner pages inside Grace Goals for your convenience.

What if I live outside of the US? Can I still purchase these resources?

Yes! Since this is a digital resource, it is available to anyone! As long as you have internet connection with the ability to download files, you'll be able to access the materials. We love our global community and have men and women from all over the world participate in Grace Goals each year!

What exactly is included with Grace Goals?

Grace Goals 2024 includes a 188-page Workbook comprised of: 

  • Year End Review Kit, 
  • Spiritual Growth Inventory, 
  • Spiritual Formation Assessment, 
  • SWOT analysis, 
  • Grace Goals Planner Sheets, 
  • Monthly Calendar Sheets, 
  • ROI grid
  • How to Fail Forward Checklist
  • Habit Tracker Sheet
  • I AM Mad Lib
  • Mission Statement Worksheet
  • 5 Core Workshops with exercises and templates

You'll also receive access to the BONUS 24-Hour Retreat Guide for planning your own Grace Goals Getaway as well as any other limited time bonuses outlined on this page.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital resources, and the inability to return them, we do not offer refunds or cancellations once an order has been placed.

Can you tell me when my files will arrive in my inbox?

Once you order Grace Goals, you'll receive an email of your receipt and a second email with the links to all your digital files. Please give it up to ten minutes to arrive and be sure to check your spam and other folders if you don't see it as sometimes it gets misdirected to the wrong folder. Enjoy!

I still have a question. Who do I contact?

We're happy to help you decide if Grace Goals 2024 is right for you! Please reach out to our customer support team at with your question and we'll be happy to help.

Weird Facts About AJ

We're taking over the bottom of this page to tell on AJ... shhhhh!

AJ likes embarrassing her kids in the car line by cranking up music by Fat Rat. She's also a bit of a rebel against the "pretty girl" version of American Christianity and we love her for it.

She apparently stays sane by taking mid-day prayer walks.

But mostly, she's passionate about seeing women advance the Kingdom of God and flourish by walking in His truth.

For 27 years... from the local church, to the foreign mission field, to her blog at AJ has been coming alongside hundreds of thousands of women, teaching them how to gain traction in their walk with God. 

Her readers trust her to create biblical, practical resources to grow in intimacy with God. Tools like her monthly Bible reading plans, Love the Word Bible Study Binder, and Bible Study Methods: 7 Ways in 7 Days eCourse are designed to help you live rooted and grounded in God's truth. We (the team at would love for you to come discover a life of purpose, joy, and passion with the community over at !