Praying the Promises of the Cross 2018 - aff


This 40-Day Kit is the quickest, easiest way to establish a prayer habit. We've hand picked 40 daily scriptures to pray, included ready-made journal sheets, instructions, weekly devos to dive deeper, and more.  

Use this Prayer Kit to:

  • Develop a prayer habit with the customized daily journal pages, prayer instructions and guided questions. Plus, the handy dandy habit tracker will keep you motivated!  
  •  Learn how to pray Scripture with the Prayer Template and our proven 4-step process.  
  • Deepen your understanding of key gospel concepts, such as justification, consecration, atonement, and more with the weekly dive deeper devotions and studies.  
  • Stop feeling frustration or wasting time trying to figure out how to pray Scripture. We've got everything laid out for you!  

This popular Kit has been updated for 2018 and is better than ever! It's available for immediate download (PDF) for just $10.

“Praying the promises of God everyday has truly been a blessing in my life. I look forward to what the scripture is going to unveil every morning. This has also become a platform to encourage my husband to read God's word.”

-Keisha, Challenge participant 

“I'm all caught up on Day 7 of praying the promises...I was so excited starting this that I almost drove through a red light as I was pondering the promise of the first day's verse of John 3:16. Knowing it by heart, I was reflecting on each word and the thoughts kept expanding and expanding." 

-Susan, Challenge participant 

“I actually did purchase the prayer challenge Journal and it changed my life. I have been a Christian a very long time but had always struggled with knowing how to apply scripture into my life simply because I didn't really understand the importance of actually knowing the word of God and how to use it as a weapon against the enemy of my soul." 

-Randi, Challenge participant 

 In 40 days, what will your story be?